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Bring Digital Content to the Big Screen

From the boardroom to the classroom and beyond, projectors should deliver breathtaking picture quality in an expansive and captivating format.  

ELB provides a wide range of projectors that offer users the perfect large-format presentation display. With options from many of the world's most recognised suppliers, including Sony, Epson and NEC, we can provide a picture perfect experience – for every person – in every situation. Whether your projector needs are complex or simple, we have a solution that's right for you.


Sony 3LCD laser projectors deliver an ideal combination of high image quality, low cost of ownership, and exceptional integration flexibility. The powerful, highly efficient laser light source and Sony 3LCD BrightEra technology brings impressive brightness and clarity to every presentation.

Colours appear natural and the brightness is extraordinary, thanks to Sony’s BrightEra 3LCD engine together with the laser light source, full colour is displayed with three micro displays, and no visible colour breaking or rainbow effect – even on high-contrast images.


Short Throw & Ultra Short Throw Projectors: Ultra flexible and ultra reliable projectors offering a shorter throw distance, higher brightness, and flexible mounting.

Portable Projectors: Lightweight and bright. Quick setup, easy connectivity and brilliant images for flawless presentations on the road or down the hall.

Interactive Projectors: Make almost any wall or tabletop interactive with the Epson range of interactive projectors. Enjoy PC free or PC interactivity with dual pen functionality, so two users can annotate at the same time simultaneously.


NEC is one of the few global manufacturers employing three major projection methods in its projectors: the LCD method, the 1-Chip DLP method & the 3-Chip DLP method.

To achieve superior brightness, high quality images, compact body and light weight projectors, NEC employs optimum projection methods. The result is a line of projectors that offer significant flexibility when it comes to purpose of use, place of installation, required functionality, and ability to meet the needs and requirements of customers.


Large Venue: The world's lightest 3-chip DLP-based Panasonic projectors are ideal for large meeting rooms, theaters, museums and convention halls.

Fixed Installation: Panasonic fixed installation projectors are Ideal for boardrooms, classrooms and auditoriums. The most vibrant images in its class for data and video.

Short Throw: Panasonic short throw projectors make it possible to create big pictures in small spaces with high quality and high resolution.

Portable: Ranging from 1.5 kg to 5.8 kilograms, Panasonic portable projectors are high performance projectors that are light enough to move around to any location.