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Flexible, functional, fun...Prowise interactive products.

Prowise offers a full range of interactive technology products to improve collaboration and create a more engaging and inspiring work environment. Whether it's a classroom, meeting room or public access space, Prowise represents the very best in quality interactive solutions.

The Prowise line includes state-of-the art interactive touch panels, tablets, and PC's, a powerful online presentation solution, and a range of multi-purpose stands and lifts. A total solution, there is no better way to stimulate interactivity and support collaboration in any space.

Backed by an industry-leading warranty, Prowise products offer real value and generate real results. Whether you want to improve educational outcomes, increase meeting productivity, or enhance your interactive options, Prowise is right for you!

Prowise Interactive Flat Panels

Prowise interactive flat panels make it easy to connect and collaborate. Flexible and functional, they feature a high grade Ultra-HD (UHD) or full-HD screen, integrated PC-module, and quality built-in sound system. Available in two models – the ultimate Pro Line or value-based Entry Line – they also offer 10-point touch, scratch proof glass, cloud-based presentation software, and a 5-year full warranty. Combine with a heavy duty Prowise lift, and these flat panels are the ultimate mobile presentation and collaboration solution. Prowise interactive flat panels are available in Full-HD 55”, 65” and 70” and UHD 65", 75", and 84" screens.

Prowise All-in-One PC

The Prowise All-in-One PC is the first of its kind. An award-winning, multi-functional solution, you can transform the interactive screen from a desktop into a mobile tablet in no time. The ideal mobile solution, it features a 21.5 inch viewing screen, built-in front camera and microphone, 10-point touch, 3 hour battery, and full 3-year warranty. With its lightweight yet durable design, you can easily and conveniently present content, conduct video conferencing sessions or interact with an audience anywhere to bring group collaboration to life!

Prowise 3-in-1 Tablet

The Prowise 3-in-1 tablet offers the best in handheld interactive technology with the flexibility of a Windows operating system. In addition to being a modern tablet, the detachable keyboard allows you to transform the device into a laptop with ease. When needed, it can also be used as a small, interactive presentation device. Provide one per room or one per user, with two high-grade cameras, a long-life battery, and full 3-year warranty, Prowise tablets are the ultimate mobile collaboration tool.

Prowise All-in-One Lift

With the right lift, you'll get the most out of your interactive flat panel. The Prowise All-in-One Lift makes it easy to use your interactive flat panel as a collaborative touch table, drafting desk, or as a standard vertical screen at varying heights. With the push of a button, you can raise, lower or tilt the panel into your desired position. Use the high grade, lockable wheels to move the panel from one area to another quickly and easily. With only one cord required to power both the flat panel and lift, as well as an advanced hardware-based safety system, the All-in-One is a safe, yet practical solution. Highly durable, flexible, and cost-effective, the Prowise All-in-One lift makes working, presenting, and collaborating on interactive flat panels fun and easy! 

Prowise Presenter Software

Get the most out of your interactive flat panels, tablets and PC's with Prowise Presenter software. An online presentation solution, Presenter allows you to interact with your audience from any device, anywhere. Explore the hundreds of free digital resources or engage in real-time collaboration using ProQuiz or ProConnect. A powerful and innovative platform, Presenter is suitable for any education, corporate or government application. Accessible online, there is no installation required and software updates are seamless. Choose between a FREE Presenter account, or a paid Pro account, ask your account manager at the time of purchase.

It has never been easier to collaborate here and now!