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When success depends on your next great idea.

Nureva WM408i

Highly collaborative groups need room – to plan every step and visualise every insight. The Nureva Wall WM408i system offers you an expansive interactive space to accelerate your team processes like never before.

The system combines a solid-state, ultra-short-throw HD projector with a capacitive touch surface to create an interactive working wall that enhances a wide range of collaborative activities. With the help of Span Workspace, the Nureva Wall digitally transforms agile, lean, design thinking and other essential processes by creating room for rich, visual collaboration.   

Bridge the gap between paper and pixel to accelerate your essential collaborative processes. With Span Workspace, teamwork is fast, fluid and effective – whether you’re all in the same location or dispersed around the world.

Span Workspace is a cloud-based solution that lets you create an unlimited number of digital canvases to visualize ideas and map processes. Anyone with a subscription can invite other users or guests to a canvas, and everyone can work together on it in real time, using any device. Familiar tools, including sticky notes, sketches, images and templates, help you shift from paper to digital collaboration without compromising your proven processes.

With expansive canvases and easy-to-use tools, Span Workspace is the virtual collaboration solution your team has been looking for.

There’s no question that the nature of work is changing. Many meetings have remote participants who need to be fully contributing as if they were in the room. Meetings are morphing from passive events where information is consumed, to active collaboration sessions where teams create.

People no longer want to be constrained to sitting at a meeting room table, facing a conference phone – they need the freedom to work at immersive wall systems and large displays. Passionate conversations with teammates talking all at once needs to be shared with remote colleagues with all the richness preserved.

Full lineup of audio conferencing systems are designed precisely for this cultural shift. This game changing technology takes conferencing beyond simply sharing voices – it reduces listener fatigue as it boosts team collaboration. Three models available: