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Their future is Australia's future

When it comes to ICT implementation, every Higher Education organisation wants to equip its students and lecturers with the best learning and teaching tools to ensure everyone can collaborate in a variety of ways.

Choose from a variety of products including Video Conferencing, Data/Audio Projectors, Interactive Technologies, Instructional Software and Electronic Whiteboards and transform your Higher Educational space into an engaging and interactive learning environment. Whether your educational facility is large or small, your audience young or old, we can meet your needs with innovative yet affordable solutions.

ELB technology solutions are designed to encourage formal and informal collaboration amongst Higher Education students and Higher Education faculty. Explore our complete and comprehensive product range here.

Educational Resources
Key Benefits

From lecture theatres to training rooms, ELB technology solutions enable you to digitally capture and share ideas, annotate presentation documents with digital ink, and invite remote participants to connect via personal devices.

ELB is Australia’s leading supplier of Audio Visual, Video Conferencing and Interactive Technologies, and has been for over three decades. Our solutions create innovative experiences, enabling Education institutions to improve collaboration and learning outcomes, attracting the best students and staff.

All of these pre-created units can be downloaded for free. Once a resource has been downloaded it can be adapted and modified to suit the needs of your students, enabling you to construct and personalise the lessons you deliver in your classrooms. Additionally they have been specifically created for the Australian Curriculum.

Training Resources
Key Benefits

Integrating technology in line with pedagogical outcomes, and providing staff the right training and professional development, is the proven key to ensuring Higher Education technology lives up to its full potential.

ELB is endorsed to provide QTC Registered Professional Development for teachers accredited at Professional Competence. Through our teacher qualified Education Consultants and our accredited ELB Training Academy, we assist Early Years Learning Centres, schools and universities to create future focused learning spaces and effectively use our technologies to enhance student learning. For teaching resources, training, online webinars and events, please visit our dedicated ELB Education website.